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Patient Reviews for Health & Wellness Center in Asheville, NC

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“Worked 8 solid hours doing strenuous yard work on Saturday. Had good consistent energy throughout despite not eating much (not hungry). Drank lots water of as I was sweating a lot. Sleeping very deeply during the night. This helps significantly with gout management. Noticed I don’t hurt and groan when getting up from the floor, etc. Woke up before my alarm this morning and was ready to start the day!”


“I visited Dr. Hall for a lipid disorder and he put me on the right track without any surgery. I have more energy, losing weight and feeling much younger. My skin has totally changed as a result of this protocol he has me following. I am very pleased with Dr. Hall and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.”


“I was suffering from severe fatigue, there were some days I couldn’t get out of bed. I was sleeping my life away! After seeing Dr. Hall, I embarked upon a new way of eating in which I lost about 30 pounds effortlessly. The result was a reduction in my fatigue problem, and an improvement in my mental acuity. My energy level has improved greatly. Thank you Dr. Jonathan!”