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Parkinson’s Disease Specialist in Hendersonville, NC

Are you looking for a Parkinson’s specialist near the Hendersonville, NC area? Call LIL Medical Health & Wellness Center in Hendersonville, NC at (828) 268-3259 to schedule an appointment today.

Parkinson's Disease Specialist in Hendersonville, NC

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Whether you have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or know you have it already, LIL Medical Health & Wellness Center in Hendersonville, NC can assist. Once you have a diagnosis, our physician creates a plan specific to your needs. Our Dr. Jonathan C. Hall focuses on promoting better overall health for you as well as targeting your specific Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, it’s estimated that nearly one million individuals in the United States will live with this disease by the year 2020. It requires a specialized treatment approach since it progressively attacks the nervous system. Primarily, Parkinson’s disease affects the dopamine-producing cells in the brain.

In the early stages, the symptoms may go unnoticed. However, as it progresses, you may experience tremors or shaking. Usually, the tremors or shaking are in a limb. You may experience them when you rub your thumb. Some individuals have slowed movements. You might notice your steps become shorter. Other symptoms include the following:

  • Rigid or stiff muscles
  • Balance problems
  • Impaired posture
  • Speech problems, including slurred or rapid speech, hesitating before talking, or monotone speech
  • Writing changes like the size of your writing
  • Decrease in unconscious movement like blinking or swing your arms when you walk

What are the Benefits of Speaking with an Expert?

The Parkinson’s Foundation reports that expert care reduces a person’s risk of complications. Additionally, individuals who receive care from an expert live a better-quality life and even live longer. Patients benefit from a multifaceted approach and individualized care that targets their specific needs.

How Do I Choose a Doctor?

We recommend comparing your options based on the qualifications a physician has in terms of Parkinson’s treatment. You want someone who will utilize multiple modalities. This is important since combining medications can lead to interactions, and sometimes tackling the issue through lifestyle changes improves your quality of life significantly.

How Can I Prepare for the Initial Visit?

Always bring along a list of your medications, including the ones you take for other issues besides your Parkinson’s. You also will want to make a list of any changes that occurred since your last appointment for Parkinson’s. We advise patients to create a list of any concerns they have regarding their condition and treatments as well. Be sure to have information about your current physicians available.

What to Expect from the Doctor?

During your first appointment with us, our physician will have you fill out a questionnaire regarding your medical history that entails both your medical issues and your family history. Then, our physician will conduct a physical examination. It’s possible we’ll want to perform brain imaging. Once we evaluate your specific condition, our physician tailors a treatment plan that meets your needs.

What to Ask During the First Visit?

We advise you to ask questions about your condition and what to expect as it progresses. You should also inquire about your current treatments and if there’s a better way to manage your condition.

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